You missed the point of using a submarine hull!

It can be anchored 500 to 1000 feet below sea level with a large differential 
pressure when there is a valved vent pipe connected to the surface.

I agree the hull volume would not be a ”Banks Lake” volume feeding Grand Coulee 
Dam. But may be as large as 10,000  cubic meters and able to supply energy for 
a small community near the sea for a night or so to supplement solar or wind 


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An old submarine hull (ridged structure) would work nicely as a reservoir.

That's an underwater reservoir:

That is MUCH too small. It has to have hundreds or even thousands of times more 
capacity than that to hold a significant amount of energy. The water pressure 
is low. The reservoir is not far below sea level. It is not like a dam with 
water falling hundreds of feet.

Typical pumped storage lakes are 30 to 50 million cubic meters.

- Jed

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