I would agree with the idea of secrecy—at least some obfuscation in the patent. 
 For example, I could not find a sure statement regarding the makeup of the 
Lithium targets and their differences.

I would guess they do not have a pure plasma of ionized particles.  It is 
probably a dusty plasma as George Elegy has described in Infinite Energy.  Ni 
or tungsten probably is part of the dusty plasma, but remains unspecified in 
the patent.  Why they do not use a full- range mass spec device to monitor the 
plasma is not spelled out.

Bob Cook

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kineticenergy for H ion

This is a local company to me - and I would be more excited about them if they 
weren’t more secretive and made more sense. They do have good credentials, but 
not so good as far as the theory of operation goes.

Having a patent means nothing - and I’m not buying the two kinds of gravity 

As I recall, Brad Lowe who lives in the area - got in touch with them a couple 
of years ago and offered his services - to more or less work for free, getting 
them to market - in order to get in on the ground floor. They appeared to be 
ready for a working PoC back then and it sounded like the “next big thing” … so 
this makes perfect sense.

They declined his offer. Then they went completely silent. This and other 
similar anecdotes make me doubt that they really have anything of value…. Kinda 
like Brillouin on the other side of the Bay.

Most likely, both groups have seen anomalous gain from time to time, but 
neither of the systems is reliable or reproducible by others. I would put Rossi 
in that same category.

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