From: Dave
Jones, did you see evidence that the amount of energy that could be extracted 
would exceed the amount stored within the permanent magnets?  Also, where did 
the inventor think the excess energy originated from?
No. That has not been proved and it is easy to fool oneself as this Phd is 

Here is the good doctor explaining and failing to realize his error – which is 
the looming problem of demagnetization

Anytime permanent magnets go into repel mode they become slowly demagnetized 
and there are no exceptions to this. It has doomed all the demos so far.

However, I also think (but have no real proof) the Laws of Thermodynamics are 
not real laws and that this feat could be accomplished using RTSC and magnets 
This is suspicious on the surface, but apparently not a scam.
BTW – I am 100% certain that another Magmo has run under self-power for about 
an hour - in front of a large panel of experts and sketics in Belgium who were 
allowed to disassemble it looking for hidden batteries. 
Problem is… you guessed it …. demagnetization of the magnets – but the magnetic 
motor can be made to self power for an indeterminate time with proper geometry 
to overcome the “sticky point”. 
Most likely, the LoT are preserved by the figuring in the energy necessary to 
regauge the permanent magnets. The is no real energy anomaly.
However, magnets do represent a source of potential energy – and that is a 
major change in thinking.
It would be extremely interesting to have coils embedded in the PMs in order to 
remagnetize them in situ as a function of energy operation.
In that way, the electrical current could serve two purposes and perhaps a 
greater anomaly would be seen.

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