There has been recent renewed interest in spin coupling in LENR as the m.o. of 
energy transfer at the atomic level.  

As it turns out – nickel is not optimum for the spin transfer  process -  while 
iron is the best, but iron is not good for absorption of hydrogen.

In fact Tom Claytor could be  several years ahead of the rest of the LENR world 
in utilizing spin (and ferrous alloys) but he has been largely ignored since it 
is assumed the ferromagnetic elements – iron nickel and cobalt would all 
transfer spin energy in the same way - and nickel is a good proton absorber.

If John Wallace is on the right track, he may have provided  a QM explanation 
of why steel or an iron alloy can transfer spin energy more robustly than 
nickel -- but they are not optimum without alloying elements which allow high 
loading. Iron is notorious for undergoing embrittlement, which is a type of 
hydrogen absorption but possibly one which is destructive in the long run and 
far from optimum without more…

… which brings to mind Claytor’s statement that the best alloy he has found for 
LENR was a Mu metal alloy. 

The use of Mu Metal as the active matrix for LENR could turn out to be the most 
valuable detail relative to spin and LENR if Claytor is correct … using “ 
Co-Netic” as the matrix alloy. Mu-metal is a nickel-iron alloy, and the 
proprietary alloy  in question, Co-Netic - has high added molybdenum.

The high permeability makes mu-metal useful not only for shielding against 
static and low-frequency magnetic fields but also in converting most of the 
energy of an anomalous self-generated field into heat. This is a "soft" 
magnetic material that saturates at low magnetic fields and that is the key to 
the coupling magnons into heat. The high number of inherent Rydberg levels in 
the ionization potential of this alloy could be the key. BTW – it should be 
noted that  Molybdenum is the closest Rydberg ionization fit to Mills theory of 
all metals. That could be another key to understanding. No other metal is as 
close to the precise value.


Wallace’s book can be ordered from his web site but it is not about LENR and is 
highly technical.

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