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>Note that this is not a hybrid of uranium fission using the hot fusion add-on 
>accelerator (which is interesting in its own right) but instead is a hybrid of 
>uranium fission and what looks like cold fusion since it involves 
>deuterium-loaded metals. A few papers are behind paywalls but accessible thru 
>Sci-Hub. Nothing shows up recently which could be open to interpretation. Here 
>is the main paper.


The 8.8 MeV gamma may have enough energy to fission the U all by itself through
giant dipole resonance.

When a neutron is added to U235 to create U236, only about 6.5 MeV is released,
which is less than 8.8 MeV, yet addition of the neutron is sufficient to fission
the nucleus.


Robin van Spaandonk

local asymmetry = temporary success

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