I think the net kinetic energy release from fission of U-235 or U-236 per Robin 
is about 200 Mev in a short time frame.  I understand the net varies from 
reaction to reaction depending on the actual fission fragments that are 
created.  I have not heard of muons being released; nor have I heard about a 
short fusion reaction you suggest, except for the initial neutron absorption 
into the U-235 nucleus.

The kinetic energy that I have noted above is EM radiation (escaping photons) 
and the kinetic energy associated with the mass and velocity of the various 
particles produced in the reaction—some charged and some neutral.

Bob Cook
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just hand-waving?


  *   The 8.8 MeV gamma may have enough energy to fission the U all by itself 
giant dipole resonance.

Yes, that could happen but the probability is low. Spontaneous fission is also 
possible but unlikely. They are saying that deuterium disintegration is 
relatively high probability.

  *   When a neutron is added to U235 to create U236, only about 6.5 MeV is 
which is less than 8.8 MeV, yet addition of the neutron is sufficient to 
fission the nucleus.

Not sure that I understand what you are saying. The mass of the neutron is 
around a GeV which is going to trigger a chain of events following a prompt 
release -  and when fusion happens due to the massive destabilization following 
the absorption,  the net energy release within a short time is around 50 MeV 
plus several free neutrons which can continue the chain reaction.

However, the potential importance of this paper, if it can be believed, is that 
a mystery particle(s) result from deuterium disintegration– ala Holmlid except 
with gamma irradiation instead of laser irradiation.

But in this case, apparently  the mystery particle continues a chain reaction, 
with or without neutrons. He should be clearer of course.

It would be hugely important -  if it were true.

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