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In my opinion, this was the best ICCF conference in a long time. The number
of participants was up. The number of young researchers was up. The number
of experiments was up, compared to past meetings dominated by theorizing
and rehashing old experiments. What brought this partial renaissance about?
The magic ingredient is money. M-o-n-e-y. The present experiments are far
better than any previous ones. Modern, precision instruments are being
used. Things like helium detection are better than they used to be. The
work is being done in first-class facilities, with superb instruments
operated by full-time experts. See, for example:

People are no longer trying to accomplish a miracle on a shoestring, with
1960s equipment. The money is coming from I.H. and two other sources. It
isn't a huge amount. It is nowhere near enough, in my opinion. But it is
far better than nothing, and it has had an impact.

I think it is likely that if we had been funded decades ago, there would be
cold fusion automobiles by now.

It will take many billions of dollars to make cold fusion into a practical
source of energy. Heck, it took a billion just to develop the Prius, which
is a minor incremental improvement to existing technology compared to cold
fusion. But, for the first steps, such as finding effective catalysts, the
money now coming in may be enough, whereas what we had before was certain

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