From: Jed Rothwell

➢ I do not think there is any evidence for muons in cold fusion.

There is actually plenty of evidence along with plenty of data some of which 
was presented.

You may not think the evidence is credible, but you are not a nuclear engineer 
-- and senior nuclear engineers from Sweden (Gothenberg University – one of the 
top Universities in Europe) have said it is credible and recommended the 
instrumentation which was used. To be fair, other nuclear engineers from Sweden 
and elsewhere have expressed doubt.

It is easy to see why there is widespread incredulity  – given the sheer number 
of muons per laser pulse, the lack of replication in the USA, and the fact that 
it does not fit into any cold fusion paradigm or any other paradigm for that 

BTW – Sweden gets more electrical power from fission (as a % of total usage  
than the USA and also more from renewables than we do). They are very close to 
dropping carbon altogether.

If Holmlid is correct that goal (carbon free) may happen soon, since they have 
funding and an enlightened population (despite the Rossi fiasco at Upsala).


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