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>Wikipedia says the yield of the Davy Crockett bomb was between 10 and 20
>Tons of TNT.

I watched part of . It seems the
army at the time was quite happy to send it's troops into the mess resulting
from a nuclear explosion. Obviously much more impressed by the destructive power
than by the danger to their own troops.

BTW out of curiosity I also looked up Californium
where I found the following quote:-
"The lightest suitcase-nuke is the  M-28/29 "Davy Crockett", with only 0.19
kiloton, or 19 tons of maximum yield. It is very little in the term of nukes,
but considering it's incredible light weight (around 50 pounds) and small size,
the M-28/29 is actually decent."

Note however that 0.19 kiloton = 190 tons, not 19 tons.

Robin van Spaandonk

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