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>If all the fission energy in 20 lb. of Pu239 were released it would be over
>> 175000 tons of TNT.
>I do not think it is possible to release all of the energy from the fission
>explosion fuel.
>> If the bomb only yields 20 tons it is incredibly inefficient. I would
>> expect
>> more like 20000 tons.
>I think that was deliberate. They did not want a big explosion because the
>rocket only flew a few miles. Modern fusion bombs have variable yield
>("dial-a-yield") meaning they waste fuel at the lower yields.

1) I was trying to imply that the "20 tons" may have been a typo.
2) You have switched from fission to fusion.
3) Even if the 20 tons figure was correct, and deliberate, it would leave nearly
all the Pu239 intact, implying quite a radioactive mess spread around the
environment and into the air, just 20 miles away.

I wouldn't want to be downwind of that.
>- Jed

Robin van Spaandonk

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