I had a friend who lived for 30 years with high voltage transmission lines  at 
the edge of his property in Spokane County.  He died about 6 or 7 years ago 
from two separate cancers.  His son who lived with him in his home  (30 years 
his junior) also died of cancer within a month of his father.  All the cancers 
were of different types.

My friend would comment how the lines would crackle in humid conditions.  I 
always assumed it was steam explosions of small water droplets.

Thus a strange noise associated with transmission lines may also deter the 
movement of large animals.

Bob Cook

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Time elapse UV emissions from high voltage transmission lines.


Broad spectrum UV light pollution is a common occurrence on exposed high 
voltage systems and unhealthy long term to biology at much of the UVA,UVB and 
UVC range

Fortunately it only occurs when air is damp, pollution builds up on 
lines/insulators, insulators/lines are cracked/damaged, or bird crap...which is 
much of the time

Scares the shit out of reindeer also and has led to Santa re-routing delivery 


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Solution, 222nm UVC light to sterilize the air, surfaces, skin, masks, clothing 
in supermarkets, on the street, everywhere!

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