Yes, 254 nm is an excellent virus killer. However, unlike 222 nm, long term 
exposure to 254 nm can cause damage to the eyes and skin. As Jonathan Berry 
points out 222 nm won't even penetrate the water film on your eyes.

I still like my idea of a baseball cap with a small xenon chloride excimer  
bulb attached to the underside of the bill. Sounds silly, sort of "Tom Swift 
and his Amazing Virus Killing Hat", but it might be more effective than masks. 
As long as the visible wavelengths can be filtered out to keep the light from 
being annoying, it could kill the viruses before being inhaled and also from 
penetrating through the eyes.  I'd much rather wear such a contraption than a 

 On Tuesday, April 21, 2020, 05:40:09 PM UTC, Terry Blanton 
<> wrote:

 UVGI uses 254 nm...readily available.

On Mon, Apr 20, 2020 at 10:21 PM Jonathan Berry <> 
The harm from the virus is significant and lasting for many even if it does not 
kill.Also Corona viruses, well there has never been a successful vaccine for a 
corona virus and immunity seems not to be lasting.
Indeed about a 3rd of those who have had it seem not to have notable levels of 
So herd immunity is really untenable, it needs to be stopped, not easy, but the 
only way it's not just going to keep on hitting humanity again and again with 
what seem to be at the most optimistic to be a roughly 1% fatality rate.
I have found two US manufacturers of 222nm bulbs, not sure though that either 
have enough output.
Good to know it's krypton chloride, wasn't aware.
On Tue, 21 Apr 2020 at 04:35, Michael Foster <> wrote:
This is a really good idea. Fortunately, the U.S. can supply its own krypton. 
222 nm lamps are krypton chloride excimer bulbs. Maybe we can wise up and make 
the lamps in the United States. I doubt that any are made here now.  I know 
this sounds ridiculous at the moment, but what if a baseball cap could be made 
with a small excimer lamp on the under side of the bill. This certainly isn't 
impossible what with all the really compact high voltage supplies that are made 
now. I doubt if making large numbers of excimer bulbs would have much of an 
effect on the price of krypton as rather large amounts are used in double pane 
windows at near atmospheric pressure. The krypton chloride bulbs, conversely, 
use small amounts a low pressure.

OTOH, all of this prevention simply delays people being exposed to the virus 
and thus delaying the herd immunity. The original premise of this absurd lock 
down was to "flatten the curve" and prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed. 
This exercise in totalitarian despotism was based on faulty computer models 
like most of our predictions of doom lately. The overall death rate in the U.S. 
is down somewhat from previous years, meaning that the people who supposedly 
succumbed to the Wuhan virus would probably have died of something else in the 
same time period. Given the practice of reporting deaths of the elderly as from 
covid19 whether or not that was the known cause no doubt inflates the numbers 

Influenza deaths will probably exceed the deaths caused by the corona virus 
this year. This is just a guess on my part, probably more accurate that the 
latest computer models. But we all just love to panic don't we?

 On Saturday, April 18, 2020, 11:10:48 PM UTC, Jonathan Berry 
<> wrote:

 You are sort of missing the point though!

The point is that 222nm UVC light kills the virus (however ironic that might be 
with HV corona emitting UV) and this 222nm UV is safe, not harmful!

It doesn't even get through to live skin cells or even through the water film 
on your eye.

But it destroys the virus in the air and on surfaces.

On Sun, 19 Apr 2020 at 08:41, Jürg Wyttenbach <> wrote:

 Very good new from California.

 only 1 out of 50 infected does get


 Fairly consistent

 research results showing increased rate of leukemias near high

 voltage transmission lines but little evidence low frequency EMR

 can cause it.

 You should not live to close to such

 transmission lines due to high magnetic fields.

 Leukemia (in

 children) is also slightly increased in a radius up to 20 miles

 from a nuclear plant.


 Am 18.04.20 um 21:17 schrieb ChemE


 Damp conditions, dew buildup, pollution and

 damage to insulators/lines all reduce the local breakdown

 voltage.  The strong electric field is ionizing N2 and O2 in

 the air and producing ozone and NOx which by themselves are

 not healthy long term. The ionization is also releasing broad

 spectrum electromagnetic pollution from high frequency UVc

 down to low frequency radio noise. It is most likely the high

 frequency UV range doing the cellular damage over time nearby.

 Fairly consistent research results showing

 increased rate of leukemias near high voltage transmission lines

 but little evidence low frequency EMR can cause it.  I expect it

 is the high frequency UV spectrum and it is dependent upon local

 weather and line conditions.

 If special UVc cameras are detecting the radiation

 that implies it is reaching the lens/ground & biology

 On Sat, Apr 18, 2020 at 2:11

 PM <>



 had a friend who lived for 30 years with high

 voltage transmission lines  at the edge of his

 property in Spokane County.  He died about 6 or 7

 years ago from two separate cancers.  His son who

 lived with him in his home  (30 years his junior)

 also died of cancer within a month of his father.

 All the cancers were of different types.


 friend would comment how the lines would


 in humid conditions.  I always assumed it was steam

 explosions of small water droplets.


 a strange noise associated with transmission lines

 may also deter the movement of large animals.



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 And the next one...

Time elapse UV emissions from

 high voltage transmission lines.

Broad spectrum UV light

 pollution is a common occurrence on exposed high

 voltage systems and unhealthy long term to biology

 at much of the UVA,UVB and UVC range

Fortunately it only occurs when

 air is damp, pollution builds up on

 lines/insulators, insulators/lines are

 cracked/damaged, or bird crap...which is much of

 the time

Scares the shit out of reindeer

 also and has led to Santa re-routing delivery


On Sat, Apr 18, 2020 at 7:34

 AM Jonathan Berry <>


Solution, 222nm UVC light

 to sterilize the air, surfaces, skin, masks,

 clothing in supermarkets, on the street,



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