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> OK in a world where paper companies with much less to offer (Nicola Motors
> for instance) can raise billions on a worthless IPO, then the sorry record
> of Mills is not such a scandal. Just a major disappointment.

Back in the day, I would accuse you of hijacking my thread; but,
considering that this is the ONLY active thread on Vortex, a formerly
whirlwind list, you are forgiven.

However, I cannot forgive you for disgracing the name of the best immigrant
scientist of the last millennium, NiKola Tesla.

Nikolamotor.com and Toyota really want the fuel cell tech to work.  Even
Germany is banking on H2 for the future; but, frankly
Scarlett...wait...that's no longer allowed...I gave up on hydrogen when Bob
Lazar's modified Vette's valves suffered embrittlement.

It's hell having a good memory.  Where's the dementia the good Dr. D
promised? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dr._Demento

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