Fuel cell cars will run much farther the Li powered battery car as the tank in cargo vehicle has no real size limit.

On the other side the Chinese leader in battery technology just announced a 90$ /kwh battery. This is a turning point where all electric cars become much cheaper than ordinary fuel cars. (Also island home solutions!)

I leave it to you to find out what Elon did with this...

But the race is open and the only path to get rid of excess wind current is producing Hydrogen/Methanol. Further we just wait for better materials to store Hydrogen without pressure. As the LENR folks might know Palladium did only fail due to strange degradation .... But others are in the pipeline. Nickel sponge?


Am 13.06.20 um 19:17 schrieb Jones Beene:
Given the incredible track record of the guy - I would not want to be on the opposite side of any argument with Elon... and he is strongly critical of the potential of H2 in transportation.

But that relates only to fuel cells and he is probably correct on that point. However, the one (huge) tech which he could be overlooking is the possibility that H2 could be used in one of the shrunken orbital methods - Mills, Holmlid, etc.

When used in a fuel cell - H2 can return something in the range of 1 eV per atom net power. The potential is much more favorable if Rydberg or similar power levels become available viable catalyzed shrinkage, which... come to think of it... could be a semantic version of "Orchestrated Objective Reduction"... as in hydrogen orbital reduction...

Elon Musk Mocks Nikola’s Hydrogen Cars, Explains Why Fuel Cells Won’t Work <https://observer.com/2020/06/tesla-elon-musk-mocks-nikola-hydrogen-fuel-cell-electric-vehicle/>



    Elon Musk Mocks Nikola’s Hydrogen Cars, Explains Why Fuel Cells
    Won’t Work

Sissi Cao

“Fuel cells=fool sells,” Musk tweeted.


Terry Blanton wrote:

> However, I cannot forgive you for disgracing the name of the best immigrant scientist of the last millennium, NiKola Tesla...Nikolamotor.com and Toyota really want the fuel cell tech to work.  Even Germany is banking on H2 for the future; but, frankly Scarlett...wait...that's no longer allowed...I gave up on hydrogen when Bob Lazar's modified Vette's valves suffered embrittlement.

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