The Widom Larsen model is not even a model just and idea and form the standpoint of physics its nonsensical.

Nobody no where ever has seen neutrons in LENR...

Dense Hydrogen. aka "Hydrino", aka H*-H* (how we call it) is a weak nuclear bond between two protons. It can be exactly calculated by SO(4) physics and is in full agreement with Randall Mills measurement of so called 1/4 Hydrinos (that by no way fit what Mills measured..)

Widom Larsen were clever sales man that almost all they sold have "stolen" somewhere.

So do not overestimate what two old man, after thousands of bottles wine, did piss out of their brains.


On 12.09.2020 16:12, Jones Beene wrote:
For those who have not connected the dots (in the last few days) and have too much time on their hands, the silly season of election year politics is now focusing on a "secret" new weapon.

Not sure if any pundit has mentioned that over two years ago Lewis Larsen et al was suggesting exactly the same secret new "cold fusion" augmented weapon, which had been developed in a black project by the Pentagon and was copied by Russia. Not many took Larsen seriously. Here is some background.

Lewis Larsen died on October 25, 2019 at the age of 72.

Along with Allan Widom, Larsen developed the theory of "ultra low momentum" neutrons, which is similar and possibly superior to the better know theories of Randell Mills and Leif Holmlid and others. There is plenty of indication that his "virtual neutron" is approximately the same species as ultra-dense hydrogen etc.

Put on your tin hats.

This is ripe fruit for the growing number of conspiracy theorists on social media. The story may not rise to become an "October surprise" - especially once it is learned that it is not exactly new and not exactly secret, but nevertheless... Lewis Larsen must be smiling from the other side.

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