Apparently there is an online blog to which Andrea Rossi, or someone from
Leonardo Technologies, or else it is from a PR firm, responds:

BTW - I have been told that 'Andrea' is a name for both male and female in
Italy so it is not clear the gender of this person. 

Here is a recent post:

[On behalf of ] Andrea Rossi 
March 10th, 2010 at 10:23 AM 

I am answering to the comment of Daniele Cattani.
We are making a very hard work in Leonardo Corporation about this issue. We
are manufacturing a 1 MW reactor in the USA and, even if we are more
interested to produce energy in safe environment that in knowing about
H-Alice's adventures, we know the importance of a deeper knowledge of the
nuclear mechanisms, also to increase the efficiency of the reactors.
Nevertheless, as Daniele correctly says, the nuclear reactions are terra
incognita and we are opening our path with a machete through the jungle of
elementary particles whose nature is basically reduced to models but is
unknown in itself. And we are doing this without analogous experiences to
learn from, because the method and apparatus invented from Andrea Rossi has
not significant former achievements to feed from.

Daniele Princiotto, Leonardo Corp.

LinkedIn lists Daniele Princiotto as Owner: D.P.Informatica
(Computer & Network Security industry) Bologna, Italy

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