> The conclusion of the report is in fact quite positive about Rossi's TE

Yes, but was that ten-year old experiment at UNH ever replicated? Not that I
can see, so ask yourself - why not? In the current milieu, the TEG is way
more valuable than the LENR work, in terms of getting it to market rapidly
and immediate financial impact, such as by retrofit to autos. Any LENR
product is a decade away from market due to lack of required engineering and

Another caveat: the TEG may not scale-up (apparently). Is it simply a QM
effect only ? I would say the most important thing in 2010 is what is not
said. It appears that the TEG technology was dropped, or at least not
actively pursued when it is the prime corporate asset. 

That does not make sense, even if an advance was found in Ni Hydride. I have
been scanning through the ARPA-E recipients and have not found LTI although
there are a number of similar projects being funded in TEG - one almost next
door to them. Did they change their name to get funding? They do mention DoE
and not DARPA.

Plus, wrt the LENR results. I don't think competent scientists will actively
try to hide or avoid the significant (if not overwhelming) contribution of
prior art. In this case that comes from Arata and Mills for sure. Focardi
may be sore that he never got recognized adequately back in the
mid-nineties, but essentially Mills came first, and has both precedence and
more credibility than Focardi. That's the way it works, and he may feel

Did you ever find Arata's name mentioned by Rossi or Focardi? How could any
good researcher remain blithely ignorant of Arata and his emphasis on

The nano-technology or A-Z is probably the key to the effect, but it was
discovered by them years ago - and not by Rossi.

Plus - there seems to be a *significant* conflict of interest with
Leonardo's (LTI) corporate mission with DoE now, as an administrator, and
the apparent lack of an actual grant for funding any fusion work of Rossi.
That could jeopardize the $95 million contract which is in place if he has
been shifting funds inappropriately.

Also - where is their actual lab ? It's not at the address where the Press
release says it is. Why is there no staff at the NH facility when Rossi
claims this is where the work is being performed ?

Many red flags, but when all is said and done - the one scenario that makes
the most sense is that Focardi and Rossi were able (apparently) to take the
Arata nanopowder finding to a higher and more robust energy level - only to
find that they cannot patent that breakthrough due to either Mills or Arata
or both.


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