Jones Beene quoted Daniele Princiotto:

We are making a very hard work in Leonardo Corporation about this issue. We
are manufacturing a 1 MW reactor in the USA . . .

I do not conclude that these people are crackpot inventors, BUT . . . it is typical of such people that they try to make a 1 MW reactor as the first step. They seem to think that nothing less would have credibility, or commercial applications. In point of fact a 10 W generator would provide all the credibility you need, and there a surprising number of practical applications for such at thing, if it is reasonably robust.

Mills is also aiming big, for megawatt-scale reactors in the first stage. As a business strategy and political strategy to convince the public the effect is real, and to convince investors to invest . . . this is insane.

I have never been impressed by Mills' business acumen. Perhaps he knows something I don't know, but after all these years, I have not seen any evidence for that.

- Jed

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