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Daniele Passerini from "22passi" blog interviewed again Andrea Rossi on February 13th. This is the original link: http://22passi.blogspot.com/2011/02/energy-catalyzer-facciamo-un-po- di.html

And this is an English translation courtesy of PESN, edited by Hank Mills from a Google translation:

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ROSSI - In a nutshell for very nicely measuring the range of radiation we should create a 360 degree hole in the reactor to allow the meter to read what's happening there. But what that implies is giving away the technology completely in the hands of a person prepared to interpret the data. To design the systems security anti spy technology of this kind is not enough to surround himself with collaborators honest and like ... I myself, Andrea, would be in crisis if someone were to say "we will give you a figure that will change your life overnight and your next five generations in return for telling us..." An offer of this kind would severely test even the honesty of a Saint.


Independent evaluation of the commercial viability and utility of an invention like this is typically made, and could have been made in this case, by an independent third party, under a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) before commercial financing is provided. Evaluation of excess heat by calorimetry can even be accomplished free onsite by using companies like Earthtech (www.earthtech.org).

Such an evaluation requires no obfuscation and minimal intervention or constraints by the inventor during evaluation.

There have been many cases discussed here over the last 15 years of bad or highly debatable calorimetry indicating total energy balances beyond chemical. No one should invest a dime in any CF scheme for business purposes unless expert calorimetry is performed in due diligence.

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