Joshua Cude <> wrote:

> The professors tested and calibrated this machine for 6 weeks. They would
>> have discovered that it has a large hidden thermal mass.
> They did. It takes 30 minutes to bring the temperature up to the level
> needed to deliver water at 100C.

They reportedly had difficulty turning on the excess heat in that run. It
would never have risen to 100 deg C without excess heat.

My point about the calibrations may be unclear. When you calibrate a system
like this, turning on the electric heater only without hydrogen in the
nickel, and in various other tests, the presence of a large thermal mass
would be revealed.

> Whatever. My suspicions do not require any of that. Just some thermal mass
> inside that giant tin-foil phallus.

That's funny! Phallus indeed. As I said, the calibration would reveal that.
People experienced in flow calorimetry would see it easily.

- Jed

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