On 02/17/2011 03:27 PM, Jed Rothwell wrote:
> ... I meant you do not have to trust Rossi. You do have to trust Levi,
> Celani and Dufour and some other people. They might be conspiring
> together to fool us. If they can keep a secret, it would be easy for
> them to fool us. I have no actual proof that the demonstration even
> took place. The video might have been staged, and the data invented
> out of whole cloth. If you think that Levi, Celani and the others
> might do such a thing, then you have no reason to believe any of this
> is true. I doubt they would, because it would be out of character, and
> there does not seem to be a motive.

This reminded me of something which has been bothering me.

According to Celani, observers were not allowed into the room until the
experiment began to "work":

> The device did not work at first. He and others were waiting
> impatiently in a room next to the room with the device.
> About 1 to 2 minutes after this /[gamma ray burst]/ event, Rossi
> emerged from the other room and said the machine just turned on and
> the demonstration was underway.

Why was that?  It seems very strange.  In particular, it leaves us
speculating, entirely in the dark, as to exactly what was going on in
the room at the moment when the burst of gamma radiation was detected. 
That burst of gamma rays has been taken as being highly significant, as
it indicated *something* besides chemistry was happening.

However, since nobody who was present where the burst was detected also
saw what was going on in the demo room at that moment, there is no way
to rule out the possibility that the gamma burst was also "staged", with
Rossi's entrance announcing the start of the show carefully timed to
come just after the burst, to make it appear to have been an emission
produced by the device when it "started".

Without more information as to what was going on just before the "show",
I don't think that particular speculation is all that far-fetched.  (Or
is it terribly difficult to produce a radiation burst, possibly with a
small source in a lead box?  I'm assuming it would have been easy for
Rossi to do that.  Perhaps that's not true.)

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