>From: Joshua Cude
>> From Lomax:

>> This is the point, Joshua: There are hundreds of researchers
>> who have reported significant anomalous heat from palladium
>>  deuteride. 

> The large number is actually disturbing. So many experiments,
> and they never get better. They can't come up with one that captures
> the attention of mainstream. They can't make an isolated device that
> generates heat. In fact, consistent with other pathological science,
>  the size of the effect (with the exception of the dubious Rossi device)
> has become smaller over the years. Science doesn't work that way.
> Pathological science does. 

I've read enuf...

Now, I know why I have not wanted to dwell too much on this particular
thread. Life's too short. I try to dispense what limited resources I have
left in my life wisely.

Mr. Lomax: There's an old saying. I'm sure you've heard of it. Do not cast
pearls before swine.

Mr. Cude: Relying on subjective circular reasoning to validate your POV is
no way to go through life, win friends and influence people. But by all
means, continue to hug your cactus.

My two cents.

Steven Vincent Johnson

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