On 02/21/2011 03:01 PM, Joshua Cude wrote:
>  Promises have been made by Pons & Fleischmann first in 1989 (just
> watch their interviews on youtube, where they claim it is the ideal
> energy source: clean and unlimited and simple) and then by just about
> every cold fusion advocate since, including McKubre on 60 minutes
> promising cars that don't need refueling, Rothwell's entire book of
> promises, and promises from shady characters like Dardik and Rossi.
> There are endless promises every time the topic arises. [...] Cold
> fusion [...] has not delivered.

That's true in a field I've spent some time working in, too.  People
promise all sorts of things, and then the things show up years late, or
more often never show up "as promised", at all.  In fact, I've made
promises which later turned out to be impossible to deliver on, weren't
even possible in theory, as we figured out much later.

So, I guess the stuff I work with is all bunk, all just phony-baloney,
it's lies and coverups, it can't be real, because we don't succeed in
delivering on our promises.  It's really too bad, if the sort of stuff I
worked on were real, it would make a big difference to the world.  But
we miss on our promises, so it's all hokum; that's totally conclusive,
air-tight reasoning, Joshua sure hit the nail on the head there.

Too bad.

I'm a programmer, by the way.

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