Subject was Re: [Vo]:Revised version Celani reports on gamma emission from Rossi device

At 04:12 AM 2/21/2011, Joshua Cude wrote:

Not true. I have described what it would take to convince me (and so has Jed Rothwell), and if cold fusion could deliver a tiny fraction of what has been promised for 22 years, my criteria would be easily met.

This discussion has been about the Rossi work, which is based on a secret process, and which is inadequately confirmed, there has merely been a somewhat convincing demonstration that *something* is going on in that thing. This is nothing like the accumulated evidence for cold fusion, based on open and documented and reproducible experimental techniques, widely confirmed.

I'm not interested in Rossi's work for the moment. Obviously, if *Rossi's promises* are fulfilled, all bets are off. Rossi, by the way, is also working on "unknown nuclear reaction," he'd merely be succeeding, if he does, in demonstrating a far more vigorous reaction than any prior reports.

So I'm going to ask, as to cold fusion in general, "what has been promised" and what do promises have to do with science?

And... "convinced of what"?

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