Alan J Fletcher <> wrote:

higher inout power
> Probably should be: higher input power
> Is that still there?   ..

It's fixed.

> burned, there would be copious, fatally asphyxiating fumes --- though in
> the January experiment they could theoretically have been piped out of the
> room in the steam pipe.).
>  But I'll leave gasoline/diesel IN because many people have used it as a
> frame of reference.

That's reasonable.

I think you should add that there is no space in a 1 L volume for burners,
tanks and other equipment needed to burn any form of liquid or gas fuel.
Cramming a burner right next to the tank would surely result in an
explosion. So, unless someone finds a small pipe attached to a hidden fuel
tank, we can rule out any conventional liquid or gas fuel such as kerosene
or butane.

Since the machine is resting on a piece of wood and the bottom is clearly
visible, I think we can rule out a small pipe, the same way we can rule out
a small wire. I do not know how small the pipe would be. My 4.4 kW butane
table-top stove has a copper pipe ~4 mm diameter. The butane cylinder is
mounted behind a thin firewall, ~12 cm from the center of the burner in the
next compartment. Bear in mind this calls for 16 kW and sometimes 130 kW.

- Jed

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