I've read the whole thing a couple of times, and been through the appendices once.

I'm still struck by Krivit's overall snarkiness -- and also he's ignoring recent Rossi claims.
I'm not commenting on ANY of the steam-quality issues.

> Last year Rossi and Focardi claimed an energy gain of 213 times. This year, Rossi downgraded that to six.

But now he's claiming self-sustaining mode below 200 C. "This month, Rossi upgraded that to infinity".

> On March 29, two Swedish professors went to Bologna, expenses paid by Rossi, to see Rossi's device in action.

Krivit took cab fare and lunch from Rossi.

> Krivit Schematic

He's showing 220V 3-phase power.  I think that's 220V single-phase, which also (I think) limits power-phase tricks.

> Tools used by the plumber

Outside of the reactor chamber and the hydrogen hook-up, those tools are entirely appropriate for the job.

> I was curious about his factory. According to the corporate registration of his company, Leonardo Corp., it is located at 1331 Lincoln Road, Apartment 505, Miami Beach, FL, 33129. It seems odd that Rossi could have a factory with 300 devices on the fifth floor of an apartment building in Miami Beach. Were the 300 devices in boxes? On benches? Drawing power? In various phases of manufacture? Perhaps this isn't really his "current principal place of business" as shown on the corporate registration; perhaps he lied to the Florida government.

Pure snark. What's wrong  with registering your corporation from an apartment and renting a factory somewhere else?

>  There is another contradiction. Rossi has stated many times that he hasn't taken and won't be taking anybody's money until he delivers his 1 MW plant in October. 
> When I spoke with Essén on July 15, I mentioned to him that Capiluppi had told me that the Rossi research agreement would not become active until Rossi made the first payment to the university.
> "According to what I heard," Essén sad, "the contract will become active in late October, because then Rossi will get money from Athens, but this is only speculation. According to the schedule I heard, nothing will happen until October."

No contradiction -- in fact, it self-confirms. This section is talking about money Rossi plans to PAY. Rossi has said that Defkalion will pay him when the 1M plant is accepted.

> Kullander thought that the most significant piece of information was that Rossi had heated a building for a year with one of his devices. No evidence exists to support this claim.  ...  We have only Rossi's word that he had a practical, working device heating his building.  ...

True, but not inconsistent.

EV world interview :  http://pesn.com/2011/07/14/9501869_EV-World_Interviews_Andrea_Rossi/

A - Very good. With that reactor which was similar to the modern E-Cat that we are making, was a module of about 20 kilowatts. And with that we heated an area of the factory that was about 1000 square feet, with offices, etc. In that area in Italy it is very cold for at least five months a year, because in the North East the winter is very cold. We have temperatures that range between - 6 and 10 celsius degrees. And we heated our offices with that for one year, and studied it very well.   ....   It has worked at least one year, when I was there. Now we no longer have the factory. I had to sell everything to finance this. Now we have here in the United States. Here in Florida, the place where we make the reactors, and in Greece they are making huge production lines for the production of these products in Europe.

>  A Hoax?
> Rossi has claimed, many times and in many reports, that he is not asking anybody for money until he delivers a working product for sale.

Rossi has always said that he's licensing Defkalion and more recently Ampenergo.

> Rossi's Greek licensee, Defkalion Green Technologies, however, is asking for money and asking investors to bear the risk. For 40.4 million Euros, one company per country can have the exclusive rights to manufacture and sell Rossi's device, according to a July 6 letter from Symeon Tsalikoglou, the director of business development and marketing for Defkalion.

But he omits the critical "non-scam" lines :

-- Meeting in our factory during October to inspect and verify kW units
-- Meeting in our factory during December to inspect and verify MW units

It's also exactly what Defkalion said they were going to do in their white paper:  http://www.defkalion-energy.com/White_Paper_DGT.pdf p 7

Also :  Krivit makes no references to the information on the defkalion site -- eg that the Hyperion uses Glycol in a closed circuit (see the white paper), and gives much higher COP's than the 6x mini-ecat.

Overall : Krivit proves Rossi is not a scientist.  But we knew that. And that Rossi often makes inconsistent statements. Ditto and likewise.

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