Daniel Rocha <danieldi...@gmail.com> wrote:

It doesn't go down. The temperature falls to ~100.3C at 23:19:00 but starts
> raising at 23:22:01 an slowly raises continuously until the data collect
> is stooped at 23:29:07, with a temperature of 105C.

Oh! You are right. I should have graphed it. I must have lost track of the
decimal point or something.

Okay, the log says at 23:10 the pump was stopped and hydrogen pressure
released. That should quench a cold fusion reaction, but maybe not.

That will certainly change the heat loss characteristics. Even with "thermal
inertia" as the source of heat, I guess that could raise the temperature.

At 23:29, the end of this dataset, the log says they emptied the remaining
hot water through the inlet valve, 22,463 g.

- Jed

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