Defkalion asked an independent expert to contact me and discuss some
aspects of the company and their technology. This person is well known to
me and I trust him completely. For the time being he asks to remain
anonymous, for good reasons.

The expert has examined the machines and discussed their business plans. He
has made an independent in-depth evaluation lasting several days. He cannot
publish that evaluation now, but he was free to summarize it to me. He did
not go into much technical detail because I prefer not to hear confidential
information. He gave me a broad summary; the sort of thing a company would
present at a trade show. Let me summarize what he said:

The engineering and business operations at Defkalion are highly promising.
These people are highly professional.

Their science and engineering are first rate. Their laboratory equipment is
first rate.

Their upcoming products are revolutionary. They are the best LENR
implementations ever produced. The expert says the prototype products are
consistent with the specifications described in the web site.

No tests were done by this observer. This is what engineers call a "site
visit" in anticipation of doing a test.

Defkalion is working to resolve internal business matters such as the
misunderstandings with board members. They ask for our patience on this

Back to my comments --

Defkalion faces complex challenges. Like any start-up business, they have
to maintain a high level of secrecy. In my opinion they went a little too
far on that in recent weeks. Starting a company is an arduous task. It is
hardest thing I ever did in my life. You always make mistakes. The
situation is fluid and confusing. Defkalion is not only starting a company,
it is developing revolutionary technology, dealing with complex business
arrangements, and dealing with Rossi, who is a difficult person to do
business with.

According to my contact, they are making a good faith effort to straighten
out these problems. I am satisfied with his judgment. Of course I would
like to know more about the technology, as would everyone else. We all
would like to see an independent test. Defkalion understands that and will
release additional technical information as soon as they can, but business
priorities must dictate the pace.

As you see, some of the statements here are hedged, such as "prototype
products are consistent with the specifications described in the web site."
I hope this does not sound evasive. We only mean that a product under
development is a moving target, so you cannot expect specifications to stay
fully current. Please do not read anything more into it.

This is an evaluation. It is a step along the way to an independent test.
It is most welcome.

- Jed

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