at that level of development, buying one of this device "as-is" is only a
kind of partnership (if honest),
like "the client" and NI are (supposed to be) doing, or an expensive way to
check if it works. otherwise it is a way to make retro-engineering.
but one is only needed.

another interpretation of the buying of 12 copy of e-cat, is that they buy
them  "as they will be soon". a "buy in advance".
once you know it can work, you can trust the job to be done better.

2012/1/15 Mary Yugo <maryyu...@gmail.com>

> If NORAD needed nuclear power for their bunkers, they could afford to buy
> a small submarine style fission reactor.  They would hardly buy 13 Rossi
> kludges at the current state of development he showed on October 28,
> whatever that was we didn't actually see.

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