From: Eric Walker 


Ohmic heating is fully conservative, and if you put in 10 watts of electric
power and get back 12 watts of heat, then either it is measurement error… or
… not exactly Joule heating.


Just to clarify -- I enjoyed the report.  I also took particular pleasure in 
hearing about the nickels that others ended up dissolving; I didn't know that 
would happen.  I was curious -- what were the details of the power 
measurements?  Was the signal steady or did it fluctuate?  Did you do any kind 
of calibration?




No, no. This is completely ad lib, ex-tempo, spur of the moment, flash in the 
pan, down and dirty, first time for everything, etc. Were it not for the 
spontaneity of the internet grape-vine, it would never have gotten past a few 
crazies. Completely unreliable … at least as it stands on Friday.


Next week, who knows?


Actually – tomorrow could be an important milestone in the progress of the 
entire LENR field. 


Nick Reiter will strive to publish a white paper on Sat eve or maybe later – of 
his extraordinary early findings with cobalt ions in Zeolite. This could blow 
Celani out of the water in terms of robustness, and Fran Roarty may have a 
Casimir epiphany. I will post a reference as soon as it is known.


Once again … not proved or even reliable … just over the threshold of minimal 
cyber-gossip standards….



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