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Please read:


In the Technical Presentation, read pp. 2-3, and 23-31 [but anything else
that suits your fancy].


The first two pages of the Technical Presentation is a terse summary of
GUTCP. Page 23 is a listing of methods identifying hydrinos.


The following pages discuss the conditions wherein H can act as a catalyst.
The potential energy of an isolated H atom is 13.6 eV. The energy of the
catalyst must be m(27.2] eV. Such can be supplied by many arrangements,
including 2H.2H > H{1/4] + 2H + 24 eV. Because this is a three-body
reaction, it is seen only where here is a high concentration of H atoms
[such as at the cathode of in electrolytic cell in the apparatus on p.30. [I
speculate that H >  [h[1/4] catalysis may be a source of 'excess heat' in CF
electrolytic cell experiments. This is my conjecture.]


The cited pages above contain the core of the CIHT chemistry.


The apparatus illustrated on p.30 was built by BLP, but the reported study
and the spectrum of p.31 came from a study sponsored by GEN3 Partners at the
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. None were employees of LP.


An intense beam of protons is illuminated by an intense bam of electrons,
which combine to form a cloud hydrogen atoms in which many interactions can
occur. The light from these reactions is in the low nanometer range of soft
X-rays. The spectrum is recorded by a vacuuc spectrometer. No continuum
spectrum was produced by helium.


The six 'Validation' reports on the website deserve respectful attention.
Although on-site and coached by Mills, the 'validators' built he cells
themselves and conducted tests with instruments whose calibrations are
traceable to NIST. The reports and resumes are on the .website. Over the
years experiments by Dr. Conrads in Germany, and Dr. Jonathan Phillips, U.
New Mexico,  have done supporting experiments. One of the six 'validaors',
ENSER corporation, went on to off-site, independent validation of the CIHT
cell operation. Their new report is on the BLP website. 


"Independent verification" is a gold standard. Over the years several groups
have 'tested' Mills' claims. However, they did not *duplicated*the
instruments or protocols, effectively doing *another* non-Mills experiment.


Mike Carrell





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