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There appears to be some confusion at the moment. Westerners are trying to
> crack the Chinese text using Google Translate. The characters for NiMH are
> showing up and it is not clear whether this represents a metal hydride that
> might be employed in battery design . .

The Chinese is here:

The headline is:


中国 China
天津 Tianjin (placename)
镍 nickel
氢 hydrogen -- 镍氢 together mean nickel hydride
(冷核聚变) cold fusion -- definitely means cold fusion.
研究中心 research institute
成立 founded

It is pretty clear they mean Ni-H cold fusion.

Battery is 电池 which I think they would say. They would not say cold fusion.
Cold fusion is also called 冷聚变. See:

In this title 现象 means phenomenon.

- Jed

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