On Jul 9, 2005, at 2:44 AM, Peter Amstutz wrote:

The thing is, the full release process is quite time consuming. It involves updating documentation, building binary packages, and lots of other stuff. I wonder if, for 0.23, it would be alright to skip some of that to get the release out faster. So 0.23 would probably basically be just a source tarball and a Windows installer for the binary.

Why not

1. release source code "release candidate" first,
2. then release source code 0.23,
3. then start work on the manual, and release the Windows installer a few days later,
4. then finish the manual, release it,
5. then start on the Linux installers for release a week or so later.

That way both developers and most non-developer users will be able to get started using the release first, and critical bugfixes can go in before spending lots of time on polishing the manual and working on the linux binary packages.


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