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On Sat, 9 Jul 2005, Reed Hedges wrote:

That way both developers and most non-developer users will be able to get started using the release first, and critical bugfixes can go in before spending lots of time on polishing the manual and working on the linux binary packages.

sounds clever
also I think to have a main topic solved on every release is a good idea, thus I can't wait to see how the vrml will work on next release ;) Wouldnt it mean that vos is a nice vrml application then? (even if I understand it's only plain geometry, no javascripting) A great perspective if vos has sometime cristal-zilla inside, then we could also forget the shitty browser/plugin stress and surf the web 3d as we ever wanted.

Have you checked

buggy, but a nice try, sadly death since two jears I think



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