Croquet is very cool. I know Pete and I have been following it and reading about
it since we started VOS.  I don't know if its details have influenced our design
much, but some the end goals and features are similar.

A lot about it is not documented, as far as I can tell.  It's all is Squeak, 
which can be an obstacle (both because of the language and because of the way 
some things must be done within the framework.)  And it doesn't really come 
with much out of the box (though at this point, neither does Interreality).
With networking, it was designed to support a few particular features, which are
sort of unusual (originally meant for a LAN only, no internet; in a sense it's
really a number of seperate single-user worlds, that can optionally 
We've taken a more practical and direct approach I think.

There is a commercial product based on it that appears to be fairly complete and
work well (


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