I made the divs a bit transparent in #1.  I think they're too boring though,
maybe need a bit more bubbliness? (Or is that too "Web 2.0"? :) Or more of a

I just threw together the background images in blender, but I do like having
them look more polygonated and emphasising that they are 3d graphics.

With the second design, my idea is also that there would be a set of similar
background images, but with a different one for each page. (or randomly selected
when loaded). 

The background in #1 and the menu in #2 are fixed to the viewport, but I haven't
decided if that's a good idea yet.

And I'm just having fun experimneting with the javascript mouseover effects.
Let me know if you think they would work.


On Mon, Feb 18, 2008 at 05:24:32AM +0000, Lalo Martins wrote:
> I like #1.  When I did a mockup a long long time ago, I went with a 
> similar idea, and I think it's still valid; the metaphor being that 
> you're looking at a few "flat" widgets floating in a 3d space.
> I have a nice background image I generated from Celestia :-)
> Also, in my own mockup, I used partial opacity in the boxes.  Maybe mine 
> were too transparent, but something like 90%, 95% would look good?  (The 
> problem with a lower value being, of course, that the Celestia background 
> was black with white stars, which would clash with the text...)
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