>From the standpoint of a webdesigner (You know, I don't get paid 700$
a week for nothing), I like the accessibility of the site. The menu
options are always onscreen, the design is nice, and the scrolling
(think; mouse scroll wheel) is still FAST, on Firefox, on a 1.5Ghz,
with over 600MB RAM. I can't say any of these things for the other
design. It's just stars in the background, and while the
alpha-transparent boxes are... yaknow... nice and all... It makes the
browser TERRIBLY slow to scroll... (which means terribly slow to
scroll back up to the menu, which is not always onscreen.)

In addition, screenshots, on the top of the front page? *THUMBS WAY UP*

Plus, I don't know why, but most sites nowadays have bright colors.
Look at google.


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