reed wrote:
> I updated the "Road Map" page on the Wiki to reflect S5 plans.  Pete, please 
> correct it if it's a bit off.  This is just a general guideline, we don't 
> really know yet when the first S5 release will be, or whether it will be a 
> "1.0" release or a beta or testing prerelease that is less easy to use.

I decided that in addition to a Blender export script, import from 
Google Sketchup (or export from it to COD or XOD) would be really good. 
  It's very easy to learn, and some people interested in VOS might 
already know how to use it (it's the main app for creating objects to 
drop into Google Earth).  Is this a good idea?  I added it to the road 
map.  This would be an easy contribution from anyone in the community 
who already knows ruby.

I'll also make the changes you mentioned Lalo.


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