I just tried iperf3 in cut-through mode, i.e., server and client attached to 
the same vpp instance running 4 workers, with 128 connections and this seems to 
be working fine.

Could you try that out and see if it’s also working for you? It might be that 
this is something specific to how Redis uses sockets, so to reproduce we’ll 
need to replicate your testbed.


> On Mar 19, 2023, at 2:58 PM, Florin Coras via lists.fd.io 
> <fcoras.lists=gmail....@lists.fd.io> wrote:
> Hi, 
> That may very well be a problem introduced by the move of connects to first 
> worker. Unfortunately, I we don’t have tests for all of those corner cases 
> yet.
> However, to replicate this issue, could you provide a bit more details about 
> your setup and the exact backtrace? It looks like you’re leverage cut-through 
> sessions so the server and client are attached to the same vpp instance? 
> Also, could you try vpp latest to see check if the issue still persists? 
> Regards,
> Florin
>> On Mar 19, 2023, at 1:53 AM, chenwei...@outlook.com wrote:
>> Hi vpp-team,
>>  I'm new to VPP and I'm trying to run Redis 6.0.18 in VCL with LD_PRELOAD 
>> using VPP 22.10 and VPP 23.02. I found that assert fails frequently in VPP 
>> 23.02, and after checking, I found that the assert fails in the session_get 
>> function in vnet/session/session.h. The cause was an invalid session_id with 
>> a value of -1 (or ~0).
>>  This function is called by the session_half_open_migrate_notify function in 
>> vnet/session/session.c, which is called by ct_accept_one in 
>> vnet/session/application_local.c. Function ct_accept_one is called because 
>> of an accept RPC request handled by the session_event_dispatch_ctrl function 
>> from the ct_connect function in vnet/session/application_local.c. Function 
>> ct_connect allocates and initializes a half-open transport object. However, 
>> its c_s_index value is -1 (or ~0), i.e., no session is allocated. allocating 
>> a session is implemented by calling session_alloc_for_half_open in the 
>> session_open_vc function of ct_connect (located in vnet/session/session.c). 
>> Therefore, I think the assertion failure is a case that ct_accept_one 
>> function accesses half-open tc without a session being allocated.
>>  I found that this problem does not exist on VPP 22.10. I checked the 
>> patches between 22.10 and 23.02 and found “session: move connects to first 
>> worker (https://gerrit.fd.io/r/c/vpp/+/35713)” that might be related to this 
>> issue, but I can't give a definite statement and I don’t know how fix it. I 
>> would be very grateful if you could address this issue.
>> Thanks,

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