Herbert Poetzl wrote:
>> Thanx for testing. I have no clue, what my problem is and no idea how to
>> resolve this.
> maybe you could package up your guest (maybe
> after some cleanups to preserve privacy and
> reduce size), and upload it somewhere, and
> maybe some folks who already had success with
> your installation do the same, then try each-
> others guests and see what happens ...

I made a package of my guest 'gis' (about 465 MB):
/etc/vservers/gis (config of the image)
/vservers/gis (home of the guest images)


It would be great if Asier or Michael or somebody else have enough bandwith
for down-/uploading.

> if the kernel/config is to blame, then your
> guest should work fine on another system and
> the other guest should fail on yours, no?

Yepp, that should be like that ;-)


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