Hi Jan,

Jan Zuchhold wrote:
>> I made a package of my guest 'gis' (about 465 MB):
>> /etc/vservers/gis (config of the image)
>> /vservers/gis (home of the guest images)
>> http://www.archit.uni-karlsruhe.de/geoserver/vserver.tar.bz2
> ok, i've tried it.

Great thanks a lot!

> The problem is caused by running out of space on /tmp. You mount that on
> tmpfs, specified in fstab in the vserver-config dir:
> none   /tmp            tmpfs   size=16m,mode=1777      0 0
> If you remove or comment-out this line (or increase the size), it works.

With a size of 64m it works for me.

Thanks to all for solving this topic!


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