On Thu 21 Apr 2016, Frank Henigman wrote:
> Thanks Emil and Chad for reviewing my json series.  All suggestions
> implemented in v2, except where I replied inline.  I'll hold off
> sending in case there's more back-and-forth over the first set of
> comments.  Would also be nice if Chad merged his get-current branch
> into master, as I use it in v2.

> Not sure if I did the right thing with glx info.  Seems like all three
> sections (server, client, common) show about the same list of
> extensions.  That can wait until I send v2, or if anyone wants to look
> now:
> https://github.com/fjhenigman/waffle/commit/b358ac50c00ce51fae6546b1e96c9adc32fcbdc7

Hi Frank,

I've returned from sabbatical, and am now trying to catch up with

I can't find the above sha1 in your repo. Should I be examining your
json5 branch?
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