Just recently I made the swing over to NBN. I am with Westnet, and against 
quite a bit of online negative sentiment, I elected to remain with Westnet - 
simply because email migration for 5 people in my family and many associations 
with our email addresses with providers was a greater deterrent than the online 

The conversion was completely seamless for us. It was very straightforward and 
without hiccup. This was the main area of online unhappiness with Westnet - the 
conversion from ADSL to NBN.

Having made the change about a month ago - and as I work away from home where 
the provision exists, I thought I’d do a speediest over the weekend just gone. 
I did the speed test using the Speedtest app on my iPad attached to my 5GHz 
network from my Time Capsule connected via ethernet connection to the NBN 
Modem. On the weekend on a number of separate occasions I got Download speeds 
of between 2 Mbps to 7  Mbps. I am away again now and I got my son to re-run 
the test. He got 2.34 Mbps (wirelessly using his Macbook) and 11 Mbps using his 
Macbook with an Ethernet cable directly connected to the TM port.

I decided upon commencement I would opt for the 100 Mbps plan as it was only 
$10/mth more than the 25 Mbps plan out of the box from Westnet.

At best, it is no better than the ADSL1+ Turbo plan I had previously (ADSL2 
service wasn’t available in my area in Mandurah). 

Yes, I know there is the fine print stating I should not expect to get 100 Mbps 
due a litany of excuses - I am not even able to achieve half of the cheaper 
plan. What is the point. There has been no point since I swapped over where a 
Speedtest has resulted in maybe slightly close to 50 Mbps. This is my 

I’ve down full power off restarts numerous times too, I spoke with Westnet on 
the weekend and I got a lame “oh, there seems to be slow NBN in WA at the 

Anyone out there with similar experience and course of action recommendation?

Peter Crisp

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