Hi Michael,

A lot of online hints about opening .cdr files are actually referring to
CorelDRAW files (which also used the .cdr extension) - so don't get confused
by these.

As Ronni has already said, YOUR .cdr file is a type of disk image - so first
you need to open it and mount the disk.

Again, as Ronni said, you would normally just double-click the file to open
it and mount the disk - you have not said if you have tried this and, if so,
what the outcome was.

If double clicking does not work, it is possible that, at some point, some
other program has been set as the default to open cdr - either system wide
or just for this file - you can check this by doing a "get info" on the file
and seeing what it says in the "open with" section - I would expect:
    DiskImageMounter (default)

If it says something else, you have a couple of options:

€   Use the "Get Info" window to change the file to be opened with
DiskImageMounter   OR

€   Open the Disk Utility program and use the "Open Disk Image" command to
open the .cdr file

At this point Finder should show you a mounted disc, created from the .cdr
file. If not report back.

You can now use Finder to examine just what the mounted disk contains and
take it from there. Ronni has already given you some suggestions here.



Neil R. Houghton
Albany, Western Australia
Tel: +61 8 9841 6063
Email: n...@possumology.com

on 18/10/16 6:40, Michael Hawkins at michael.hawk...@mjhawkins.com.au wrote:

> Thanks Ronni,

cdr was an Apple thing used to create a video that would play
> on a variety of machines. I think Daniel may have written about it at some
> time. Just now I cannot remember exactly how it was done - the current OS and
> screens are too different to jog my memory.



> On 18 Oct
> 2016, at 6:17 AM, Ronda Brown <ro...@mac.com> wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> How
> did you create the.cdr? .cdr is an uncompressed disk image, like ISO.
> Do you
> see any movie file on the CD-R? If so, what is the name of the file, and what
> is the extension of that file name. Some examples are .mov, .avi, .mpg,
> .mpeg-4, .wmv, .mkv, .flv?
> Can you Double-click the .cdr file to open it,
> then drag its VIDEO_TS folder to DVD Player's dock icon to view the video?
> Cheers,
> Ronni
> Sent from Ronni's iPad4
>> On 17 Oct. 2016, at
> 10:54 pm, Michael Hawkins <michael.hawk...@mjhawkins.com.au> wrote:
>> A
> few operating systems ago I made a cdr of a video with the intention of being
> able to burn it to a disc. I¹m now using OS 10.11.6 and I cannot do anything
> at all with the cdr.
>> This may sound gobbly-gook but I¹m tired, I¹m
> frustrated and be blowed if I know how to retrieve media that I created and
> saved, and confused about where it¹s gone and how do I get it back. Apple used
> to be intuitive. Now its confusing. Or is it my age?
>> Cheers,
> Michael
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