Hi Rosemary

Without know exact details, but if it’s similar to mine situation (which it 
sounds like it), technically neither side are actually “telling lies”.
When NBNCo have been going through certain areas and doing the FTTP upgrades, 
they only have “some” ISP’s that seem to have early access to this “faster 
NBN”. Whereas iinet/Westnet dont seem to be one of the ISP’s with access to 
these upgrades. So when they look it up, in the iinet/Westnet/TPG system, your 
area probably isn’t available to go faster on their network.
And NBNCo who do say the upgrade is available, in the “small print” - it’s only 
with some ISPs.

This is the same sort of thing I’ve found. Because I’m signed up to NBNCo 
newsletter and info for my area, I got an email from saying “faster internet is 
available” But iinet tell me,..no I can’t get faster internet. So they’re both 
actually correct. As far as iinet are concerned for their “access”,..they can’t 
offer anything faster. But if I go with a different ISP,…then I can actually 
get faster.

I just found the email from them,..which says,..
"Hi Daniel, 
As you have registered for updates, we’d like to let you know that your 
location may be able to upgrade to nbn® Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) if you 
order an nbn powered plan based on nbnHome Fast or higher◊."

Then a button I click that says “Check out the list of participating providers” 
- which loads this page

And Westnet and iinet (for whatever reason) aren’t listed as a participating 

For the time being I’ve stuck with iinet and use their NBN100 plan,….as I’ve 
always felt a bit loyal to them to stay.
But with some of the newer ISP’s nothing offering better plans (and sometimes 
better pricing), I’ve been weighing it up to change as well.

I was looking at the Aussie Broadband plans, as they tend to get good reviews 
and always seem to be ranked quite high for reliability, cost, service etc.
(I wouldn’t touch dodo with a barge pole for another example,…lol. Had some 
many customers been with them that had issues and left).

The one downside to moving obviously is losing your email address. But I 
believe iinet and Westnet still offer an “email only” service. (I know they 
previously had this service,..so I assume they still do. Haven’t checked for a 
while). You used to be able to pay $25 a year to keep your email address. So 
you then don’t have to go round and tell everyone your new address and lose 
access to your email address.
(I don’t actually really use my @iinet address a lot, but I’d still like to 
keep it if I did change.

I had considered going to the Aussie Broadband NBN1000 plan,. But it’s another 
$50 a month. So I didn’t really go much further then look and dream. lol. 

So as mentioned without knowing “exact” details, that would be my take on it 
The best place I find to see what you’re able to get is the actual NBNCo 
website. As they’re the ones who do or change the infrastructure. So normally 
their information is most up to date.
If you go to https://www.nbnco.com.au - then put in your address to check. It 
will advise you what you can get on your premises.

I also think some of the companies are wearing the cost of the “$0 upgrade cost 
to upgrade to fibre” - in the hope of perhaps getting new customers and 
building their customer base. And perhaps iinet/Westnet didn’t want to wear the 
extra cost of it. But I’m only guessing there - I could be completely wrong.

Hope something there helps. 

Kind regards

Daniel Kerr

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>   Hi there,
>   I received a glossy flyer in the mail saying that FTTP fibre to
>   premises is available in my area, listing various isp to contact about
>   the upgrade. I checked on the nbnco website and it indicated my address
>   was able to be upgraded.
>   We’re with Westnet (taken over by iiNet, taken over by TPG) and have
>   been for many (20) years. Home page for accounts and email is still
>   Westnet. Anyway no indication that TPG was included in the upgrade.
>   I rang Westnet ( got a woman obviously based somewhere else) saying
>   FTTP was not available at my address, after keeping me on hold for
>   several minutes. I checked the only upgrade available on the website is
>   for 5G…not the best fit.
>   So who is telling lies?  Do I go with another ISP?
>   What is other people’s experience?
>   Cheers
>   --
>   Rosemary Spark
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