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> I would say any war in which you personally have to the fighting is bad,

Bill Clinton couldn't have said it better.
>  and any war you can get out of is good. 

If you are not willing to fight you might find that a foreign enemy will 
bring the fight right into your front yard. then you can choose to fight or 
become a slave.

>Most wars would be over sooner
>  if the politicians would actually have to get down and dirty themselves.

Just 140 years ago a great many influential men died in uniform on the front 
lines in the War of Northern Aggression (Civil War to Yankees:-)) Not all of 
the pols and the well-to-do are cowards. During WW2 there were many brave 
souls who fought who could probably have used their family influence to get 
out of it. Some did but I doubt they were allowed to relax and enjoy their 
safety. In that war men in civilian clothes would be accosted on the streets 
and queried as to why they were not in uniform contributing to the great 

> Another moral question comes up of how many hundreds of thousands
>  of people, ie, men, women, and children, are we willing to let die by
>  means of weapons of all sorts that we sold their adversaries, ie, before
>  we are willing to do something about it !!! ???

If the people of some faraway country ask for help in the form of arms 
shipments to stave off an insurrection or invasion how can we do nothing and 
watch a people be crushed? How many of those men, women and children would 
vote to simply give in to the oppressors rather than to fight with all the 
risks that entails. Our nation chose to fight for freedom in 1776. Can't we 
grant others the same dangerous, risky choice? Is physical safety the only 
value worth protecting?

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