Jeffrey, you have done an excellent job of breaking things down between
statement and response.  The whole discussion has gotten a little too
complex to mange easily.  It is impossible to explain Germany taking
Rome's technology and religion,but not its culture, in a few sentences.
Before I start  saying allot of stuff that doesn't need to be said, what
do you know of the Germans and Rome?   Are you familiar with Sparta and
Athens, and knowledgeable of Rome taking Athens technology, but not its
culture.    Until knowing what you know, I don't know where to begin.   

I blew it when wrote we defended the Germans.  I meant we defeated them,
and then Bush said we are the New World Order.  This is about a whole lot
more than Bush, and the explanation is too long.  I am working on a web
site that will provide information.

I sure did not mean we should isolate ourselves.  I meant there was a
time when we felt safe.  You might check history for other times in
history, when wars or epidemics ended feelings of safety.  Who was that
guy that wrote of an ancient Greek war?  He said meanings of words of had
changed and people didn't know who to trust.  The Mongols had Europe and
Asia in a terrible psychological state.  The Christian belief that God
had sent the Mongols to punish them, weakened them even further.  I want
to stir a question of how the last world war and air warfare has effected
our consciousness.  I am not sure if this effect will last for long.  I
think increasing world populations and reduced resources will mean a very
challenging future.  Certainly our mass production has changed our
expectations and distanced us from countries that are not developed
industrial nations.  I think protecting life around the world, is more
complex then military training and action, and I am not sure if our
military focus doesn't cause  a serious international relationship
problem.  I do think the focus is very New World Order and that our
nation is not what we defended when we fought against the New World

This is getting too long, but I want to respond to your question about if
democracy and religion  can coexist.  If I can find the Moslem response
to that question, would you like a copy of it?  I think when Moslems ask
the question, we are more objective than when we question if Christianity
and democracy can co exist.  Also when we consider Christianity, we
really need to consider all the different branches of Christianity.  I
have an excellent book explaining why we have freedom of religion, and an
old book that ask if the Pope is out to rule the United States.  I feel
strongly about the Puritan and Quaker contributions to democracy, and
have some concern about the Methodist.  Unitarians are interesting and
Christian Scientist have an excellent publication.  To really do the
subject justice, we need to include philosophy and culture.  I am not
sure if either one of us wants to continue giving time to a subject that
keeps getting bigger and bigger.  

Do you have awareness of why we allow for conscientious objectors?  I
would rather our debate be less personal and more ideological.  Okay?  CS

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