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Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2001 10:28 PM
Subject: Re: SV: SV: SV: SV: SV: SV: {W&P} Crimes Against Humanity...

> In a message dated 12/5/01 11:52:15 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
> << But still: you have been puching DNA molecules togeather. Animals do it. 
> Trees do it but don't know why, and even the modern man and woman does it. 
> Sometimes they know why. >>
> __________________________________________
> << Animals do it. Trees do it but don't know why >>
> ----> How do you know they don't know why?

--Nothing indicates that they are aware of what is going on, but who knows? A doctor 
Dolittle of the trees maybe eveolve in the future! One that can not only talk to the 
animals, but also to the trees.

> << Sometimes they know why. >>
> ----> Good One!   :)

Thank you

( :8-)

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