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Are everybody a bum? All the got layd off at Boing, for example? Some of them may be need help for some time. Of course, if nothing is done to help them over this harch happening they soon will be bums and, if get your way, will vanish. State save money, but loose people.

Then the next group gets laid off, and then the next. Then, in the end, there is only little janice left to pay for the whole government, except for all those bums that in large numbers succeded crossing the border from the south. Glorious future you have.

Claes, you kind hearted sweetie you. When Boeing lays off someone, not only do they get unemployment insurance. Their unions have made deals to where they ALMOST get as much as when they were working. There are jobs galore here. You may need two (such as I have at times). But if you are willing there is work. Most of the people on welfare are recent immigrants who should not be here and women who had children while not married and drug addicts and alcoholics. Now there are people who will say that most of the people on welfare are children. This is also true. They are the children of the bums I just mentioned. And while it is OK to feel sorry for them it is their BUM parents who have caused their plight not I. And as long as we keep paying them to have children while not married a drug addict or an alcoholic, they will never stop. The best thing to do is to FORCE them to get a job, which they would do if the government was not paying them NOT to work. Do you understand yet??janice
Yes. I jumped into the wrong barrel (or bucket?) there. A missunderstanding!
I have alredy explained it to... (sorry, I forgot who) but I write it down again.
People that refuse to take a job that, as far as any one can judge, is suitable according to physic and aducational reasons is treated this way here in Sweden:
First time refusal he or she (both genders are just as requent, I think) is loosing 25% of the unemployment money for 100 days. (It's a collective unemployment insurance in Sweden). The second time refusal it's 50% of for 100 days. The third time it's cut off and then it's off to social security where there is a whole lot of explaining to do. And to participate in jobsearching activities if they want to get money regularly.
To be excepted for unimployment money again they have to have a 12 month period of regular work, the same way they qualified in the first place.
There is no such pressing on the refusals in the USA?
( :8-)
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