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Am Sonntag, 11. Februar 2007 schrieb The Watermelon:
>  yes I know the texture 'quality' makes no difference in memory as long
> the total number of bits are changed,it's just weird WZ render lags the
> overall performance in the areas where you least expected:
> 1.the matrix multiplications' performance impact is minor(probably 5%
> drop) with 'drawshadow' function disabled(the one actually draws the
> shapes,not the ones doing matrix stuff)
> 2.after some simple 'vertex3f to color3f' tests,it turns out that the
> performance is geometry limited...really odd it could be geometry
> with wz's low polygons...
> 3.cpu usage by renderer is pretty high too,it always gives you
> fps and 100% cpu usage for 1Ghz or lesser,100% cpu and acceptable fps
> 1Ghz - 1.5Ghz,80% or so cpu for 2 - 3Ghz or AMD equivalent...consider
> old one can run happily on a 500-1000Mhz from what I heard and I dont
> changing software/d3d renderer to opengl will up the cpu
> requirements(actually changing software to opengl should reduce cpu
> imo...)...
> 4.changing texture affects performance...
> 5.wondering why there are no inline function in piedraw.c...
1: You disabled what? The matrix calculations or the draw functions?
The problem with the shadows is afaik that it does poping/pushing of
and that it does that very often. This probably stresses the bus a lot.
2/3: This is very probably caused by immediate-mode drawing. I talked to a
friend a while ago and he told me that he did some benchmarking (in his
In immediate-mode he could reach 80k vertices in 100fps.
Using VBOs he reached the maximum his card supported (4m vertices) with
the same fps.
4: I don't have the profiling I did with gDEBugger at hand, but I think
texture changing did harm performance a lot. Probably again because it
stresses the bus and CPU.


1.I disabled the drawshadow(the one draws the shadowcasting shapes like
piePolygon function),
'drawshadows' is the one enable/disable stencil buffer and doing all those
matrix multiplications and identify reloads,which is untouched during the
2/3.I dont think wz even has 80k vertices concurrently on screen...
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